• "I just wanted to let you know that my new shoes have arrived and I love them! I must admit that I'm generally a 4 inch heel kind of girl and avoid flats at all costs, but I love your shoes and actually look for reasons to wear them! I get loads of compliments on the glitter pumps."

    Cath, England
  • "Thanks for my pretty shoes! They've added extra sparkle to my new year!

    Gemma, England
  • "The Indigo shoes arrived safely and I love them...I have a midnight blue velvet skirt that they match perfectly"

    Rose, England
  • "Following my own yellow brick road in the most amazing twinkling flats...I can confirm that they fit like a dream...These shoes truly are a fashion fairytale"

    Emma, England
  • "I just love the sandals, they fit perfectly and look stunning!...Thank you once again for the sandals and great service"

    Tatjana, England
  • "My daughter and I have already the white ones, they are gorgeous and very comfortable"

    Natacha, England
  • "These are the shoes that will take you anywhere, working hard to go with everything, designed with stile vas comfort and mind"

    Bianca, London
  • "I am delighted with them. They have also had many admiring comments"

    Debbie, England
  • "I've just received a very lovely pair of sandals that fit perfectly! Thank you so much"

    Andrea, Wales
  • "Love wearing my La Paire Rose sandals on holiday in Lanzarote"

    Mary, England
  • "My shoes have arrived - safely! They are gorgeous..."

    Marie, England
  • "My shoes arrived and I immediately wore them to work. I love, love, love them!"

    Kathryn, Boston
  • "I loved my silver Verano's and wore them everyday. They are perfect holiday shoes...the customer service has been excellent and I will definitely be ordering more pairs from you"

    Jameela, London
  • "Loving my new La Paire sandals! Could barely walk after my gym session yesterday but wearing your sandals helped me function the next day. I've received so many compliments and it has made my day. Thank you La Paire, can't wait to see your new range."

    Donna, Sydney
  • "The sandals arrived and they are lovely"

    Isa, Singapore
  • "My sandals arrived today and I am delighted with them. They are definitely keepers, looking forward to adding to my La Paire collection"

    Kerry, Scotland
  • "My shoes have arrived and they are just perfect! I can't wait to wear them and I'm sure they will attract lots of compliments! I look forward to choosing another pair next summer!"

    Margaret, Australia
  • "First time I wore the sandals on Saturday night my sister fell in love with them and she wants a pair. I would leave her mine only if you tell me that you have the same pair in size 6 for me..."

    Melyan, London
  • "We received the shoes you sent us just this weekend! Thank you so much. I love my pair very very much!"

    Reina, Tokyo
  • "I have just received my lovely sandals and am very pleased with them"

    Michele, London
  • "I am very impressed with them and the packaging, they are lovely quality, fit like a dream and look fab...I'm sure I will be ordering more soon"

    Susie, England
  • "I just got the sandals and I love it. I changed my shoes right away. Thank you so much. It fits nicely and I also love the packaging too"

    Mana, The Netherlands
  • "...beautifully packaged and are beautiful and look fab on! Thank you, I will be letting my friends know about your lovely shoes"

    Zara, London
  • "...I am loving my sandals, they are by some way the best shoes I have ever bought (and I have bought many), finally I can do the school run in something prettier then a pair of Superga"

    Katie, England
  • "Just wanted to let you know that the sandals have arrived and they are exquisite. Thank you so much"

    Roisy, London
  • "I am loving my pink La Paire sandals. They have just been to Spain with me and are now in Toronto - so they are getting around the place! They have been much admired and I have sent the link to two friends already. Also on the tube last week, someone asked me about them too and I gave them the name. They look particularly great with the mauve nail polish I have on my toes just now!"

    Ann, London
  • "I received them, many thanks! They are wonderful!"

    Deni, London
  • "Wow, the sandals arrived before 10am this morning. I am stunned by the speed of delivery, and of course they are absolutely gorgeous...they cover my toes perfectly! Thank you again and please keep me updated with your new collections"

    Natasha, England
  • "It's always nice to discover good quality items coupled with charming, efficient customer service"

    Andrea, England
  • "I love them!"

    Catriona, London
  • "Thank you for the wonderful amazing beautiful sandals that arrived today. I LOVE them and they fit perfectly!...I adore the purple and orange colours, and painted my toenails to match. How fun! Thank you thank you!"

    Karin, California
  • "They are beautiful, thank you"

    Olivia, Brussels
  • "Absolutely fell in love with the sandals. I want all of them!"

    Sophie, London
  • "Just to let you know my beautiful sandals just arrived in time for my trip to California tomorrow. Everyone in my office LOVES them. Thank you for the great service"

    Jessica, London
  • "Just confirming that I've received my pair of lovely yellow Barca sandals. They look absolutely fab! Thanks once again for ensuring I get my own pair of highly coveted La Paire sandals. Can't wait to see your new range"

    My Chanh, Sydney
  • "They are lovely and so comfortable!"

    Danielle, London
  • "I love wearing the sandals...really comfy and I love that I can wear them day or night"

    Ervina, London
  • "The sandals are gorgeous and fit perfectly! I can't wait to wear them on my next holiday!"

    Mary, London
  • "I wore the yellow Barca sandals and I love them! Thank you!!! Have had a few people ask about them too"

    Linda, London
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    Diane, London
  • "The sandals were wonderful on holiday, thank you. I'd definitely buy another pair in the same style if you do more colours at some stage. Very comfortable to walk around in and went with everything"

    Hannah, London
  • "The sandals were fab and I got one lovely comment on them - from the director of the hotel I was staying in (a man!). They are super-comfy and I'd definitely recommend them"

    Kate, London
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    Fiona, Melbourne
  • "Just wanted to let you know my sandals are fabulous! I love them and they are the most comfortable flat shoes I've ever worn! I was pleasantly surprised that they are very high quality, made in Spain leather the comfort was great - no rubbing between the toes! PERFECT!"

    Jessica, London
  • "The sandals are beautiful and they fit really well"

    Eileen, England
  • "The wedges are great, have been much admired at work"

    Emma, London
  • "Just received the snakeskin wedges - they are gorgeous!"

    Sam, England
  • "Just a quick one to let you know that my sisters and I love the shoes! And the packaging is so lovely too! I really hope things go well for you and La Paire, such a great idea"

    Marilyn, London
  • "I received my sandals yesterday - I absolutely love them!"

    Megan, Sydney